Waking the Superhuman Within with KetoPre: How a Single Supplement Revolutionized My Workout

I must say, I am super pumped up, and I would love to share the reason with you!

I will start with a little backstory. For many years now, I have been using micronutrients mixed with green tea caffeine before my workout. Green tea caffeine provided a great energy boost, and I felt like I was doing the “right thing” by having some greens. When I switched to ketosis—the elimination of carbs from my diet so my body would create ketones to feed by brain—I started adding exogenous ketones to my SuperSignature mix. I did this to extend that “insurance policy” to help me know that my brain and muscles were getting everything they needed to help me perform my best.

As part of the KetoCredible team, my particular desire was to optimize our KetoGreens+Energy product. I wanted to be sure that all micronutrient ingredients were organic, were of the highest quality, and tasted pleasant. I love the best things in life, and I love my body, so I give it the best. In the past, that meant I had to buy different products from different stores, then manually mix them up. It tasted… well… like ass. It was inconvenient, and it cost me a mini fortune.

Before formulating KetoPre, Justin, another member of our team, had been using a preworkout product before his workouts, as well as drinking ketones separately. Justin was very particular about creating KetoPre so that he could have a fantastic preworkout product with ketones in it.

My primary workout is ballet. I love the challenge of integrating thinking and muscle control. Remembering different variations and engaging all the appropriate muscles to make those variations, while at the same time letting go and allowing my mind and body to flow with the music, facilitates my transformation into a superhuman.

When the box with our KetoCredible products first arrived, I decided that I would throw a little change into my routine and try KetoPre before my work out.

And OMG, it was amazing!

As I started my workout and my brain and muscles started to engage, I experienced an astonishing increase in muscle control and mental clarity. I performed better than I ever had before (and by the way, this was fresh off a ten-day stint without ballet). I felt as though I could feel my neurons firing through my neuro pathways and extending that same feeling to my muscles. I was a super-ballerina! I mean, holy moly—I was! My teacher even asked me if I had taken some extra-intensive training while I was traveling.

If you work out, drink KetoPre before your routine. It does not matter whether you are in ketosis or not; it will be amazing for your body and will feel right for you. If you do not work out, then let me send you a sample so you have an excuse to start. My bet is that you will love it so much that you will find yourself looking forward to your next workout. I would love to be the reason you start to work out!

I must thank Justin for making such a fantastic product and playing a vital role in my increased excitement toward my fitness. I will be using my KetoPre from now on, before every workout.

As for KetoGreens+Energy, well, I have a perfect spot in my life for that, too! It is at about 3:00 p.m., when I want a little bit of a gentle “pick-me-up.” I love feeling green energy giving me a subtle lift as my body takes on all its needed micronutrients and my brain receives “ketotreats” with much-needed minerals.

I love my KetoCredible life!

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