Wait what? How cheap? – $73 for 42 keto meals

I love reddit.  You can find such a variety of ideas and pretty “extreme” approaches to things.  I found this “recipe” for some kind of omelett-y things and thought it was worth sharing:

$73 for 42 meals. Keto is not expensive. from keto

Yeah, omeletty things. I microwave the bacon as directed and crunch it up to bits. I cook the turkey in a big pot and kind of smoosh it finely.

I mix the eggs in their own big bowl and mix in the yogurt into them until its blended evenly.

Salt each stage to taste.

Scoop 1/4 cup into non-stick muffin tins. Spray liberally! 350 F, 30 minutes. My oven sucks so I rotate and swap racks halfway.

I started lining my tins with homemade aluminum foil liners. I’m going to invest in the rubbery kind of muffins trays soon.

I’m totally a creature of routine – I very carefully craft my routines to make it easier for me to hit my higher-level objectives.  I have the same thing for lunch basically every day (my Chipotle bowl), but this just seems like … more than that.  I should definitely try out some better bulk cooking, rather than go to Trader Joe’s every day.  This is a good inspiration as something that’s way too far out, but illustrates how other ideas might not be as crazy as I’d thought…

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