Mother’s Day Musings: Thoughts on My Mom’s Health

So, I have a huge problem in my life. It really bothers me, and despite all my attempts, I have not been able to fix it entirely. I’ve tried everything, from reasoning to guilting, to no avail. It is just that one thing in my life that I have no ability to control.

So what is it?

It is my mom’s dietary habits. She hides behind thousands of excuses and has been doing so for as long as I can remember. She would go on different cleanses and try diets but nothing would stick. She just has a very difficult time maintaining a healthy diet, and I worry about her.

Diet Difficulties

When my husband and I decided to make the switch to the ketogenic diet, we got rid of all carbs in the house: all of them. During that time, my parents lived with us, so they said that they would give it a try as well. Since the first transition from glucose to ketones can be very difficult (we did not know back then that exogenous ketones can exacerbate almost all symptoms, my parents quickly started eating carbs outside the house. Yep, they never even gave themselves a chance to transition! So while the ketogenic diet was not right for them, they still try to follow a healthy diet, with mixed results.

My dad is able to balance his eating and maintain his weight through controlling his food intake. My mom is not like my dad; she can’t control her food intake over longer periods, and so is unable to reach and maintain a healthy weight.  She eats foods that she is “not supposed to” when others are not looking, so has convinced herself that she isn’t “cheating.” It’s as if she thinks, “ If you can’t see me doing it that must mean that I am not doing it.”

This may all sound gloomy and sad, and, well, it is freaking sad. It is sad that people allow themselves fall into traps of excuses and horrible habits.

Support System

Like I said, it has been tough to see my mom go through all the problems associated with being overweight. I wish I could help her change, but I can’t make anyone do anything, even if it’s to help him or her be healthier. So, I do what I can, and I try to influence her with positivity and by setting a good example, not unlike how I treat my own daughter: I simply try to be a good role model.

I have also learned to celebrate small victories when it comes to my mom’s health. For example, I make sure that she lives within walking distance from YMCA, as she enjoys her water exercises.

How Can I Help?

Now, I can make sure to improve her glucose and insulin levels as well as reduce inflammation by giving her KetoBoost, which is perfect for helping her curb her appetite.  Additionally, KetoGreens provides her body with essential micronutrients by giving her all kinds of healthy nutrients her body needs.

I love my mommy very much, and I dream that one day she will be healthy! I’m doing everything I can to help her reach her goals.

If you can relate to my problem, this Mother’s Day I invite you to do something positive that would benefit someone you love in so many significant ways, whether it’s your own mother, your spouse, your partner, or anyone who could just use a little extra support. I encourage you to surprise him or her with an excellent gift of the subscription to our Everyone’s Monthly KetoPack.
Instead of flowers, give a bouquet of better mental clarity, curbed appetite, yummy micronutrients, and, most importantly, improved glucose and insulin levels! Showing that you care about the health of your family and friends is a wonderful way to demonstrate your love.

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