Bulletproof Coffee – Mexico City Style

We’re on the road now, and one of MY biggest challenges with ketosis/ketogenic lifestyle is traveling – ESPECIALLY in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language well. So I’ve gotten to bringing my whole entire morning fat coffee kit. NutriBullet blender, MCT, and scale. Then, my in-country objectives are just to score coffee and butter (mantequilla in Spanish).

This morning, when I went out on my coffee run though, I was looking for some Heavy Cream for Irina’s coffee (she prefers it to butter generally), and found THIS gem. It’s just called “Crema” and I had to try it.

Turns out it’s something with about the consistency of sour cream, and not sour at all. Nor sweet. Just creamy goodness. So we’re mixing it up a bit on this little Mexican viaje, but keeping that big morning dose of fat coming to power us through long days of exploration.


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