When eating a slice of pizza is like getting punched in the face

I had a fascinating conversation with a dear friend who we've been supporting during his transition into ketosis. He is just starting to get truly "fat-adapted" after about 3 weeks, and he said that as he gets more and more into this groove, he's beginning to dread an indulgence.

That’s right. Dreading a keto cheat day.

Now, I know that eventually I'm going to eat a pizza, or a lobster roll, or any number of delicious things, and when I do, I'll enjoy it. But I too am dreading what's going to happen afterward.

Hearing my friend mention his hesitation to try an indulgence really brought back a lot of feelings I'd had when I was in his position (which I mentioned in my post about how to convince your skeptical spouse). We had made a plan for 28 days "on," then an “indulge day,” but we didn't do it. We were not exerting extra discipline or willpower. We simply didn’t want to go back to the "old way" of feeling.

Irina, another Ketocredible team member (and my dear wife), talks about how she views the "recovery" from a day of indulging in carbs as being like a hangover. It's a "cost" that you know you'll have to pay in advance, and since we're all adults here, we know that throwing down 5 shots of tequila is going to have some consequences. It's fine. Sometimes. Maybe. And the keto cheat day has consequences too, and so we deal with them.

Eating carbs is like getting punched in the face

Something else he mentioned is that he now equates eating carbs to getting punched in the face. "When I started to do Muay Thai and got punched in the face, it was really unpleasant. But my coach told me, ‘Well, now you've been punched in the face. And you know it's not a great feeling, but it happens. 98% percent of people just fall apart when they get punched in the face. But not you, not anymore.’" See, after you've been punched in the face 50 times in a tough Muay Thai workout, your body will adapt, and each subsequent punch is less shocking than the first time you got punched in the face. But still, it's GETTING PUNCHED IN THE FACE. And in the same way, your body will adapt to your new diet, and it will get pretty good at going back and forth between glucose and ketones. It’s difficult at first, and perhaps painful, but it does get easier. And when you get past the initial phase, it’s likely that you too will not even want your cheat day. After all, who wants to get punched in the face?

Get Past The Breaks

Another metaphor that he used in this conversation was that getting his body through this initial fat adaptation period was like "getting past the breaks when surfing." I know that when I've surfed, paddling out past the waves that are coming and and smashing you in the face is very unpleasant. It's hard. Sometimes the waves seem too big. And I don't have enough energy or willpower. And I've given up before even getting out past the breaks. That's a pretty crappy feeling - even writing about it brings me that sense of dread and despair that I spend so much of my efforts avoiding.

But once you get out past the breaks? Oh man. You're in control of the world, and sometimes you don't ever want to go back. It's beautiful out there, just bobbing up and down on the waves. Reading and experiencing the world from a whole different perspective. Just writing about that brings me feelings of pure joy.

If we torture that metaphor for just a few more seconds here (bear with me), something that you learn - sometimes through getting pounded in the face a lot, like I did in my youth when we were poor, or sometimes by getting professional guidance and instruction - is how to duck under the waves, AND how to read them. You have better technique, and you can pick the right time and place to paddle out. The currents, tides, waves, and ocean floor will form natural channels where it's much easier to paddle out.

So if, in your initial fat-adaptation period, you can get past the feeling of waves smashing down on you, and you can ask for guidance and learn to duck under those breaks, you’ll come out on the other side feeling better than before. You’ll feel accomplished, like you can conquer the world. And when you come out the other side, you won’t feel the need for a day of indulging. You’ll feel too good about where you are, and you won’t even want your cheat day anymore.

Let Us Help

We want to help you get past those waves and out the other side. We've spent a tremendous amount of time and effort putting together a support path for you, to help you get your body fat-adapted. Let us be your guide as you navigate the waves, so that you, too, can have that wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

We want you to feel the clarity, perspective, and joy that comes from succeeding in your fat-adapting phase, while taking as few tumbles in the waves as possible. Sign up today for our interactive support tool, and try our Keto Boost and Keto Greens supplements. They're like a rip current that will speed you to where you want to be.

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