Building a Ketogenic Family – 5 Steps To Convince My Skeptical Spouse

I was first convinced to try the ketogenic diet in early November 2015.  I had used Tim Ferriss’s Slow Carb Diet a few years prior (2012) and enjoyed it in general.  I’d lost a substantial amount of weight on it, but didn’t buy into the “low carb” aspect of it AT ALL.  Check out this Quora answer of mine from that period (my most-viewed Quora answer to date, actually).  However, while on that diet, I had been unable to convince my wife to do it; her biggest pushback was on fruit.  She loves fruit and berries, and the idea of living in the United States, and being within walking distance of a Whole Foods and NOT eating fruit, was a non-starter.

So to get her to try the ketogenic diet, I had some convincing to do.

If you are married (or something resembling it) you will understand that spousal support is critical for any big life change.  Watching your partner engage in a habit you’re trying to quit can be extremely trying on your willpower, especially because you probably spend time with your spouse late in the day when your day’s willpower reserves are at their low point. So how do you get your spouse on board?  Obviously, you know him/her better than I do, so I’ll simply tell you how I got mine on board.

You can eat as much as you want

I do all the cooking in our house (or most of it), and was able to tell her that I was going to cook big portions of food and she could eat AS MUCH AS SHE WANTED.  In the early stages of a ketogenic diet, in order to get fat adapted, you should focus on eating A LOT.

You will possibly run a caloric surplus in this period, but even if weight loss is your goal, that’ll be fine because the water/glycogen weight you’ll lose is going to compensate for any of the overeating you may do.  That will level out fairly quickly, and your body will adapt to the diet, but it’s helpful initially to have that mindset.

Cancer cells only eat glucose so you would really benefit from flushing them out

My mother-in-law had recently had a breast cancer scare, and my wife had had a suspicious lump removed, so this was a strong leverage point.  I told her that our bodies are constantly experiencing “errors” of various sorts, and that our bodies can clean out a VAST majority of these each day; it’s just a natural part of life.

However, sometimes your system can be overwhelmed, or a malfunction is extra bad; one of these “errors” can be left unchecked, and that can lead to cancer.  So following a ketogenic diet for a short time to help “flush out” any of these cancerous/precancerous growths before they establish a foothold will be great for our bodies long-term.  This “ketogenic diet can cure/prevent cancer” is one of the most powerful, and controversial, claims of the diet, and there are a lot of subtleties there.  But I can very confidently say that it is truly beneficial.

Athletic performance

I also told her about how athletic performance could be improved with a ketogenic diet.  She is very passionate about her ballet classes, and I convinced her that it would enhance her performance at the barre.

Scope the trial, then promise an indulgence, and see if you want to go back

This was critical.  We made a plan to do the diet for 28 days. We would then have a big “indulgence” and eat whatever we wanted, and then decide if we wanted to go back.

That look toward the future – the knowledge that the “suffering” was temporary, was how we got through the initial “keto flu.”  Even though it was a long way off, we knew it was only a limited time.

In truth, after a couple of weeks, we had fully adapted to the ketogenic diet, and we didn’t wind up having our first indulgence day for several months.  When we did the indulgence day, we wound up feeling awful and couldn’t wait to get back into ketosis.  So now, we will do an indulgence day from time to time, knowing we’ll have a “hangover.”

So while our indulgence days are becoming less and less frequent, the promise of them (or generally abandoning the ketogenic diet after a fixed time period) was crucial to our success when we were getting started.

“Forget the calories, focus on quality.  Let your body tell you the rest.”

Now, of course we love and live the ketogenic diet.  And we spend an absurd amount of time “championing” it. But we all need to start somewhere.

But how could it be easier?

Fortunately, it’s actually getting a lot easier.  The emergence of great tasting, mineral-balanced, and powerful exogenous ketones have made it a LOT easier to get through the early stages of the ketogenic diet.  Taking these exogenous ketones will decrease your blood glucose and insulin levels (which is the trigger to your liver to start making ketones naturally) and provide enough food for your brain so that it “knows” that everything is going to be fine.

If you’re considering converting with your family, pick up a bottle of the Keto Boost that we formulated for just this purpose, and you’ll get into a the fat-burning groove so much faster and easier.  Take some in the morning and possibly our Keto Greens in the afternoon and your brain will have enough ketones to keep it from craving every doughnut or slice of pizza you see.

And now you have another tool in your tool belt – you can counter the possible argument that you’ll feel sick in the beginning.

How about you?

Let us know in the comments what kind of opposition you got from your spouse, and any strategies you adopted for getting around those oppositions.


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