Ok, I get it, Justin.  I believe you have something worth saying, so what should I do? Let’s start with the easiest thing you should

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How does insulin stop fat loss?

Adipose (fat) triglyceride (fat-molecule) lipase (cutter-upper) is regulated by a molecule called mTORC1. Insulin prevents that. If you want more adipose cutting-upping, the answer is

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Our First Meetup

March 6th we had our first Austin area ketogenic diet-focused meetup – if you’re in town for the next one, we’d love to meet you. It

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Ketosis Shopping List

Shopping List For Ketosis – Maximize Your Ketogenic Diet I’m often asked things like, “How do I start with Ketosis?” or “What kind of shopping

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We are a husband and wife team who has dedicated ourselves for years to healthy living and optimal performance. Discovering the power of a ketogenic diet and exogenous ketones has made more difference than any other single factor.

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