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We are a husband and wife team who have dedicated ourselves for years to healthy living and optimal performance. Discovering the power of a ketonegic diet and exogenous ketones has made more difference than any other single factor.

Justin Litchfield

Justin Litchfield, Ph.D.

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Behavior Analyst, Champion

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Why are we passionate about Ketosis?

A lot of people have touching and compelling stories about cancer that will move you to tears. This is not that.

My attitude here comes more from a “what is the thing you believe that most people don’t” point of view, which is that modern medicine is still much closer to leeches and bloodletting than anyone in the profession will let on. Scary close. Like, “We still use leeches sometimes” close. And that we will be much much closer to a science as far as “health” goes in 20 years than we are now...

We are passionate about health optimization and positive attitudes. Follow us in our credible journey to bettering ourselves through ketosis.

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